RMA System

To register your product for warranty activation, please create an account using the system below.

This is also the system to utilize for returning a marker for repair.

Shocker RSX Warranty Statement

Warranty Support and Service for Shocker Paintball (SP) products is provided by factory trained service technicians at SP Authorized Dealers. SP warrants for one (1) year to initial retail purchaser that the Paintball Marker and Regulator components are free from defects in materials and workmanship. The Valve Assembly and Solenoid are warranted for six (6) months. Disposable parts (Batteries, O-Rings, Seals, etc.) are not warranted. This warranty does not cover surface damages (scratches and nicks), misuse, improper disassembly and reassembly, attempts made to drill holes or remove metal from external surfaces which could degrade the performance and reduce pressure saftey factors of the marker without written approval. The only authorized lubricant for the marker is GR33SE™ Lubricant. Use of any other lubricant could result in voiding your warranty. Paintball Markers are non-refundable. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts with the customer responsible for transporting the product to and from the Shocker® RSX Authorized Dealer. This warranty is effective only if the customer registers their marker online in our RMA system. The warranty is non-transferable. Do NOT attempt to alter the Trigger Assembly in any way as this will void your SP warranty. Trigger alteration of any kind may result in serious injury